SCP stands for Short Circuit Protection or "short circuit protection" for AS-i networks.

Sitomatic has developed this protection to easily detect a faulty unit without having to check and check all connections to the network. This is a time consuming operation.

The operation of the Sitomatic ”short-circuit protection” (SCP) is extremely simple and effective. The moment a unit connected to the SCP goes into malfunction, this becomes visible on the PLC and the LED of the relevant connection port flashes, this immediately shows which unit has a fault and must be replaced.

The efficiency of the Sitomatic ”short-circuit protection” saves you a lot of time searching for and solving a fault.

The Sitomatic SCP is available with 1, 5 and 10 connections and available in an ATEX version. Placing the SCP is simple and it is also “plug and play” for existing networks.

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