Our engineers follow the trends of automation and data exchange used in industrial manufacturing techniques, the development of which is Industry 4.0 also known as Smart Industry. The big advantage of 4.0 is that more and more equipment tells you the status and the need for maintenance. We use IO-Link and AS-i 5 to process this flow of data and to make schedulable maintenance possible.

In a production environment, there is nothing more annoying than malfunctions and the unexpected failure of equipment. In addition to production loss and continuity, this also means extra costs for repair and recovery, which are often not budgeted and which put an extra burden on the maintenance budget. With the Industry 4.0 or “Smart Industry” philosophy, maintenance becomes predictable and therefore plannable. Take as an example a valve that itself indicates that it suffers from a leaking seal or an actuator that indicates that it has stagnation when opening or closing before it actually fails, which is not science fiction but all possible using the philosophy behind Industry 4.0 .

To meet this trend, Sitomatic develops valve controllers for IO-Link and ASi-5, these controllers can exchange much more data and are therefore certainly suitable for use in modern production facilities. The great advantage of the control heads developed by Sitomatic is that they can be used on all manufacturers and brands of valves. This is ideal for you because it allows you to switch to a smart factory in an existing process environment and it is certainly not necessary to build a completely new installation. This can save significantly on the cost of an upgrade.

If you want information for application in your company or production environment, Sitomatic has a lot of in-house knowledge to advise and support you in the implementation of Industry 4.0 in your production environment

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